Welcome to Tempera Ceramic

Allow us to introduce ourselves – we are Nikolay and Anoniya, a family united by love and our shared passion for craftsmanship and creativity. Together we created our small business - one built with dedication and love, specializing in the creation of exquisite custom handcrafted mosaic tiles.
Our journey began with a fortunate mix of need and creativity. Imagine an ordinary evening at home, when we thought about making our new home match our personalities and style. But finding the right decorations turned into a challenge as we searched through many mass-produced options that had nothing to do with our unique taste.

As we were trying not to be discouraged by this limitation, we decided to take matters into our own hands – quite literally. Drawing inspiration from our cultural heritage, love for the arts, and an inherent love for hands-on work, we started the journey of crafting our own mosaic tiles. So with great enthusiasm as our driving force, we took the leap and established our very own business, dedicated to the art of handcrafted ceramic prints.

We understand that a space is an extension of one's identity, and therefore, we approach every project with the intent of weaving the client's personality, history, and aspirations into our creations. Through a collaborative journey, we work with our clients to understand their visions, together creating every unique piece of mosaic.

At the heart of our work lies not just the craftsmanship, but also the sense of warmth and connection that family brings. As a family-run business, we create each of our piceces with the spirit of love and togetherness. Our studio is not merely a space for crafting tiles; it is a place where ideas are born, designs take shape, and dreams find expression in the form of captivating mosaics.

And now, we welcome the opportunity to collaborate with you, transforming your spaces into living canvases. Together, let's craft stories, weave dreams, and materialize imagination – one tile at a time.

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